Blackjack And Casino Bonuses

Online casinos work very hard to lure players by offering them these bonuses that seem like you are getting an amazing deal, but once you get through the fine print sometimes it’s not even worth taking the bonus.  How many times have you seen banners that claim to give you $1000 or $2000 free just to play at their casino?  These offers are not a lie, BUT one thing you need to understand is how the bonuses work.

One of the ways casinos get you with a bonus is by having VERY HIGH play-through requirements (sometimes as high as 50x your initial deposit + bonus!!!).  So, say you wanted to get that nice 100% up to $1000 bonus and made your first deposit of $1000.  You now need to place $100,000 of bets before you can take this money out.  Sure, if you plan to play a few hundred dollars per hand this won’t be so bad, but if you plan to grind away at the bonus by playing $25 hands, it may take months to clear, and that is where they get you.  The house always has a slight advantage in games like blackjack, so the longer you play, the better the odds are that you will lose all your money unless you go on an amazing run at the tables.

When taking a casino bonus to play blackjack, you should always first ensure blackjack is permitted to clear the bonus (some sites don’t allow blackjack to clear a bonus).  If they do allow blackjack, then try to find a casino with a low playthrough requirement.  Around 20x-25x is a decent requirement.   If those two things are good, then ensure that the casino takes players in your country and have a good range of deposit/withdraw options.

One of the best casinos to play blackjack online is the Betfair Casino.  They are the only casino that offers zero house edge blackjack which means the odds are almost 50/50 for house and player (it is called Zero Blackjack).  The only downside is that if you take a bonus at the Betfair Casino, you cannot play Zero Blackjack to clear the bonus, so I suggest not taking a bonus.  This is probably the best place to play blackjack online and is a perfect example of why it’s not always worth it to take the bonus.

Anyway, good luck at the tables and if you have any more questions about casino bonuses check out

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