3 Card Poker Guide

Poker has been a widely popular game since decades. It started as a guy’s game played at home every week and since then it has evolved to be a very famous online game with millions of online professional players. There are several variations of poker today and 3 card poker is another variation of the ever popular poker game. 3 card poker is an extremely easy game to play. The game is quite similar to Caribbean stud poker with a deck of 52 cards. The main difference is that in a 3 Card Poker game only three cards are played, also the straight has more points than a flush. Some of the general rules of the game are as given below:

In a pair plus part of the game the player does not play against any other players but against their own cards. If the player gets higher ranking hands of a pair he/she wins. A straight flush is the highest ranking hand and the player can win up to 40 times the amount he bets.

In an Ante play the player competes against the dealer’s hand. The player begins by betting an amount and then the player and the dealer are each dealt three cards. If the player wishes to continue he is required to place another bet. The player can win his bet as well as the dealer’s bet if his cards are higher than the dealer.

As in most poker and casino games today there are several different websites that offer the game to be played for money and the chance of winning a decent sum of money. For each website the player would be required to sign up and make a deposit, some of the good websites would offer a small signing in bonus just for joining them. Although, the bonus wouldn’t normally be high it can be up to $25 to $30 which is not bad. Since poker is quite popular most tournaments on the websites have a large pot to be won which could be anywhere between $25,000 to $100000 depending upon the number of people playing in the tournament and also depending upon how popular that particular website is.

Some of the tips that can help you increase your wins at the 3 Card Poker game are as given here:

If you have cards that are higher in value than a Q-6-4 it is recommended that you raise your bet. There is a good chance of winning if you have these cards or     If you have a hand that has Q you must play to see the second card, if it turns out to be 6 or more you must increase your bet since there are very high chances of you winning the hand.

cards higher than this and thus by raising there’s a better chance at winning more money.

It is advisable to bet low when you begin the play and consistently raise the bet as you start winning hands and accumulate money. If you start with high bets right in the beginning chances are that you would loose a lot before you even make your first win.

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