2-7 Single Draw Rules & Tips

Pokerstars is the only online poker room to offer 2-7 Single Draw poker. This game is a 5 card poker variant. The tables are still somewhat unpopular but its sister game 2-7 triple draw has seen a huge increase in traffic so I expect 27 single draw to grow in the coming years. If you have ever played 5 card draw you will have no trouble mastering 27 single draw. After you visit Pokerstars and download the software you will be prompted to enter a marketing code. Enter the Pokerstars promotion code PSP11820. Once you are ready to make your initial deposit you must enter the bonus code STARS600.  This will give you a 100% match on not only your first deposit but your first 3. The maximum bonus possible is $600.

Instead of going after the highest hand you want to draw for the lowest hand. Aces are always high in 27 single draw so you will want to discard them. the other important rule to keep in mind is that straights and flushes count. This means that A2345 is a bad hand to have. This is where the “2-7″ come in. The best possible hand is 2-3-4-5-7.

It always best to play hands in which you have 4 cards under 10. Never play a 3 card hand, even if it is 2-3-4. The odds of you getting a high picture card or pair are just too great. Playing only the best hands in 2-7 single draw will almost guarantee that you walk away a winner. This is because 27 single draw is a card game with a lot of misconceptions. Most of the players at the table really don’t understand the proven strategies and tactics.

Most are just playing this game to try something new. There might be 1-2 experienced players at a full 6 seat ring table. The 27 single draw tournaments are also very juicy if you know what you are doing. So the moral of the story is don’t be a fish. Learn the odds and proven tactics before you hit the real money tables.

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